Jobs Engineering Manager

Hyderabad, India

  • 8+ years of experience in Software Development
    • 5+ years as a programmer
    • 3+ years as a lead or manager
  • Work experience in one of the following:
    • iOS app development
    • Android app development
    • Python / Python-based frameworks
    • JS app development
  • Perfect written and verbal communication
  • Hiring
    • Help build a team of smart, talented engineers
    • Screen job applications from various job sites
    • Send online exercises (technical and English)
    • Conduct and coordinate interviews
  • Communications
    • Work with US-based Product Managers
    • Empathy for both engineers & stakeholders (more for engineers)
    • Occasionally attend meetings with US-based clients
  • Work with Devs
    • Personally deliver 1 feature per month
    • Translate communications with clients into tasks
    • Manage Github issues / PM tool
    • Review architectural changes with team
    • Champion code quality & test complexity coverage
    • Ensure working environments/builds for team
    • Daily stand-ups / Evening reviews
    • Review code with one other team member
    • 2x weekly team-wide code reviews
  • Reporting
    • Review/Present work to CEO with responsible engineer(s)
    • Be available for late evening or early morning calls with US-based Product Managers
  • PTO and a sick-leave allowance
  • Powerful hardware (Macbook Pros, smartphones)
  • Access to the full library of courses on Udemy
  • A modern and well-equipped office space