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Software Engineer

Hyderabad, India

  • Professional software development experience of at least 1 year, and under 7 years
  • Work experience in one of the following:
    • iOS app development
    • Android app development
    • Backend services / REST API development, and/or
    • Web app development
  • Plan projects using elements of the Agile methodology (daily stand-ups & regular check-ins, weekly planning & retrospectives)
  • Perfect written and verbal communication, and a tendency to over-document code, technical and product knowledge
  • Consistently write and deliver manageable, well-planned software and features within or over weekly sprints
  • Communicate regularly over Slack, Hangouts/Zoom, email and phone calls
  • Remote and in-person pair programming for between 8-40 hours in the week
  • Write unit and integration tests for code, as appropriate
  • Maintain a CI/CD pipeline to run tests and deliver software
  • Take bottomline responsibility for the code that you write
  • Review & learn from one’s own and others code through constructive code reviews
  • Commit code often and every day, and
  • Adherence to work hours that everyone agrees to, be available to team members in other time zones
  • Willingness to learn new technologies on iOS, Android, various backend and web frontend frameworks
  • PTO a sick-leave allowance
  • Powerful hardware (Macbook Pros, smartphones) to write and test software on
  • Access to the full library of courses on Udemy
  • A modern and well-equipped office space
  • Hands-on mentoring

While this position requires residency in Hyderabad, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our ability to work out of the same physical space. Our employees shall work remotely until frequent testing or a vaccine is generally available.

We only recently embraced the idea of working remotely while making sure that we are closely connected with each others work and that we pair on most tasks, to help each other become better programmers