Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
– Lao Tzu

CareCards is our favorite example of a product that is simple but has a far-reaching human impact. We looked at the usual suspects of Senior Community "e-card" or "e-greeting" products, and found that they all had the following issues:

  • Buggy or cumbersome to use; not mobile-friendly
  • Ad-driven and laced with scammy third-party tracking
  • Inescapable upselling at every step and forever after you've used it once
  • Focused on dated graphics instead of simple content from the one you love
  • Requires an onerous and multi-step sign-up process

So what did we do? We shook our heads, wiggled our coding butts and revved up the ol' tech armada to create CareCards! With CareCards you can:

  • Customize and theme it to the Senior Community, don't be difficult about this
  • Get straight to the point of sending the card to a loved one
  • Make the user verification process easy, don't require an account
  • Eliminate upsell, ads or tracking
  • Use AI to detect and flag inappropriate messages
  • Format the loved one's message as accessibly as possible for the older adult
  • Provide options to embed in the community's own website or ours
  • Organize cards received at the community based on location (after all these can get voluminous!)

Examples of loved ones message shared with us have warmed our hearts and remind us Acceleronauts why we come to work everyday.

CareCards is available through Acceleron's subsidiary, CareStory Co.