Fighting loneliness amongst older adults is a challenge faced by many a resource-constrained community.

We're passionate about love & togetherness prevailing in this fight. In late 2022, we started working on Carestream – a consistent and balanced source of engagement and wellness programming to support senior living communities.

We ship Carestream as a combination of pre-configured hardware and software as a subscription, so senior communities just have to order, plug and play.

Activity Directors and Activity Assistants have felt an incredible empowerment in keeping their residents healthy in all dimensions of wellness . Carestream addresses every one of the dimensions:

  • Intellectual 🧠
  • Physical 💪
  • Emotional 😌
  • Social 🫂
  • Spiritual 🔅
  • Vocation(al) 🛠️
  • Financial 🪙
  • Environmental 🪴

As a Carestream Enterprise customer, you additionally get automatic, prescheduled programming curated from entire catalogs of popular streaming services.

With Carestream, you don't have to worry about lack of engagement, healthy activity constraints or staff turnover.

Carestream is licensed through Acceleron's subsidiary, CareStory Co.