CareStory Connect solves common communications, task management, and knowledge sharing issues often seen in Senior Living Communities with the following:

  • Simple family communications with Staff & Residents
  • Task assignment and tracking for Staff
  • Forums for sub-groups and local communities to share events & announcements and to collborate
  • Forums for Specialty or Care-based discussions, such as for Memory Care or Assisted Living
  • Instant Messaging between staff
  • Knowledge organization and sharing
  • Training and Certification tracking
  • HIPAA compliance, Encryption
  • Common sense AI helpers to be a well-informed aide by every caregivers side

Communities can choose to deploy features of CareStory Connect incrementally.

We plan for Connect to be a cornerstone of the CareStory ecosystem, deeply integrating with CareCards and Carestream.

Connect is available through Acceleron's affiliate, CareStory Co.