At the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, many enterprises faced a defining moment. Employee Health & Safety teams were tasked with putting together a response for which the last precedent went back over 100 years when the Spanish Flu ran through a world already ravaged by World War I.

Acceleron was thrust into a pool of competition where not everyone was in it for the right reasons. We were tasked to build innovative new solutions that were simultaneously robust and also reflected evolving safety protocols in realtime. And so we built CScreener which broke out as the preferred application for the largest companies in North America to keep their workers safe.

Acceleron's technologies matured both in breadth and depth as CScreener rapidly grew to over 100K employees (daily active) within 30 days of launch. Some of the pivotal technologies that helped us meet the moment were:

  • A simple, yet capable UI that workers at all levels of tech saavy-ness could use on every platform
  • An lightning fast and easily iterable logic engine
  • A highly scalable schema for storage of employee intake and other medical records in the tens of billions

Additionally, working with the sensitive data of employees in highly regulated industries such as military vendors, maintaining compliance with a range of legal and regulatory requirements was another very important phase of growth in the company's history.

CScreener is licensed through Acceleron's subsidiary, Applied Occupational Care Inc.