Status: Closed Beta [Q2 2024]

At Acceleron, we believe that workplace & group communications are at a crossroads.

In the enterprise, Teams & Slack have some of the answers, while Gmail and Exchange have some others. Documents are still strewn all over unsynced computers, online drives, and email attachments.

In the consumer space, Discord, Reddit and Facebook groups are not fully open, hold data hostage, and are often hard to monitor, and inflexible to moderate or scale.

We believe there's an extensible and flexible open source stack that lets people not only express the appropriate detail and urgency, but also how it organizes knowledge and communication in an easily discoverable and discussable way.

So we stitched together robust, actively developed open source tech that include forums, instant messages, mobile libraries – while creating a large surface area of extensibility that allows for deep integration into external systems.

What's best – your data is yours, hosted how and where you like it, and with as much maintenance overhead as you'd like to take on, and customization that's transparent for audit, with just a few clicks.

Safeguarding your data from AI training data harvesters isn't the worst bonus.

Dialog is currently in closed beta. Please contact us for further enquiry.