Origin EHR

The current generation of EHRs are undergoing an infusion of AI in ways that will save time and reduce errors for providers while driving better patient outcomes.

Through the COVID-19 journey, Acceleron has discovered that adjacent EHRs have several shortcomings:

  • Staid product feature set
  • Poor usability or contrasts
  • An indiscrimnate layout of UI elements that almost mimic strobe lighting
  • Inaccessible on different form factors
  • "After-thought"-feel and gotchas to bolted on steps in clinical workflows
  • Compliance nightmare

So we decided we should ease out the status quo:

  • Seamlessly streaming AI assistance in and out of clinical workflows
  • Commonsense but capable login and access management
  • Workflows that are simple to run vanilla or with exceptions
  • Accessible regardless of user preference
  • Low cognitive overhead for care provider to record care
  • Baked-in, easy and automatic compliance

Acceleron is piloting its AI-based EHR at onsite occupational health clinics around the US with a tight feedback loop that involves direct conversations with providers at every level, every day.

Reach out to us for more info on how your clinic take make a seamless transition and implement Origin EHR. The time is now.

Origin EHR is licensed via Acceleron's subsidiary, Applied Occupational Care Inc.